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Self-serve web scraping solution that allows you to manage your own WebQL server locally.
Our self-hosted data acquisition model puts the power in your hands with licensing options available to manage your own WebQL® server locally. WebQL is the efficient, flexible way to acquire the web data you need with rapid, seamless ease.
Extract and structure scraped data for easy database storage
Aggregate data from many sources into supported file structures
Local access to full control over search and extraction
Ongoing access to customize and optimize data extraction for changing needs
On-demand support from our team of engineers
WebQL can access information from multiple sources
  • Web Sites (Internet and intranet)
  • On-line and local documents (text, PDF, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • On-line and local databases (ODBC compliant)
Using multiple methods:
  • FTP
  • FILE
  • EXEC
  • ODBC
  • More…
And output formats:
  • HTML
  • XML
  • .csv, .tsv, .txt
  • ODBC
Our platform goes beyond the norm to harvest any data set needed – ensuring the most complete and comprehensive competitive picture. WebQL Licensees download and host WebQL software builds to write scripts that crawl a number of supported data types. Pricing, color, size, weight, custom review, status, time, and location of purchase – there is no data we can’t extract and analyze for our customers.