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As financial analysts, you do this for a living, for profit, for the win. So why would you need QL2? Because we help you solve future problems. The ones you know are out there, but have yet to surface. The fun puzzles that will earn you the big bonus, the great press, and the jealousy from your friends and competitors.

QL2’s mission is to help you make the best of alternative data (non-traditional data used in the investment process) by arming you with information to analyze markets much more deeply and recognize trends and risk potential faster than ever. So we work with you to define and extract public web data for modeling, predicting and estimating – with precision and scale. The investment decisions that others are afraid of – you’ll now be able to make with ease and confidence to obtain Alpha.

Monthly Car Rental Rate Collections by Location:

QL2’s Car Rental  Collection Map summarizes the number of car rental rates collected by pick up location in January 2017.  In total over 225M rates were collected for the month across 948 different pick up locations globally from over 30 car rental agencies.  QL2 has 3+ years of Car Rental data currently in our database.


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JFK to LHR Flights: 2+ million online fares collected monthly

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