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QL2’s data is not the like rest, and neither is QL2. Who else would essentially partner with the competition? But that’s what we do. We partner with and provide our data extraction sets to third-party data providers, providing them with deeper vertical insights and helping them to scale and solve their clients’ biggest challenges. We partner with big data platforms to help maximize the value of their client solutions. These affiliations help us ensure the competitive data market is clean, accurate – and fiercely competitive.

We don’t just harvest and extract typical competitive and industry data. We seek out undiscovered and once-thought useless data. We leverage relationships and partnerships to source the most improbably and out-of-the-box data. Our clients (both direct and third-party) are smart. They have smart teams. And they have smart solutions. So we bring them what they don’t yet have. Data to predict the future. Data to establish models. Data to justify crazy decisions to stakeholders. And so much more.

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20 million airline fares captured daily

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