The data you need. How and when you want it.

Data Acquisition

QL2 is your partner in personalized data acquisition, getting you the data you need to make real-time decisions that have real impacts on your bottom line. We’re more than a data-capture vendor — QL2 helps data lovers transform their businesses with actionable insights.

Our patented query language will transform your business with custom data feeds to your bottom-line advantage


  • The efficient, flexible way to acquire the web data you need
  • Harvest the exact data set you need with configurable delivery file formats

We have a product to put the power of your data right in your hands. 

    Full Service

    The full-service cloud-based solution becomes an extension of your analytics team, identifying and addressing problems and opportunities as they arise.

    Our managed on-demand solution lets you control your data extractions to make profitable decisions with our on-demand solution.


    Self Hosted Solution

    Our self-hosted model puts the power in your hands with licensing options available to manage your own server locally.


    • Local access to full control over search and extraction
    • Ongoing access to optimize data extraction for changing needs
    • On-demand support from our team of engineers

    QL2 Client Center

    QL2’s Client Center gives you complete control over what searches are conducted and when.  

    Each search can be run on an ad-hoc basis or can be executed on a schedule of the client’s choosing. Therefore, our clients get the data they need and when they need it to make the decisions crucial to their business.

    Users can access search results, dig into advanced analytics, and set up new search criteria.