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Opti Price Dashboard

The Price Distribution chart shows an overall view of how your products are priced against matched products, allowing you to quickly see if the shape of the distribution aligns with your pricing strategy.

The chart uses color to group Price Variance bins into three groups.

  • Priced Below (orange)
  • Similar Price (grey)
  • Priced Above (purple)

These colors are used throughout Opti Price to represent Price Variance groups.

If your goal is to be priced at or below the market, seeing a large percentage of your products in Purple (Priced Above) is an indicator that there are products that need your attention. To narrow in on those products, click on the column in the chart and you will redirect to a pre-filtered view of your products. You can also navigate to the Product Finder page and apply Price Variance Advance Filters.

The Price Variance compares your price against the median price for matched competitors. The chart includes all match types.