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The creation of online research and bookings forever changed strategy and profitability potential for pretty much every industry – especially travel. Users now do extensive research to find the cheapest room, seat, fare, etc. It’s not just your website that offers the best possible pricing. There are competitive sites, third-party sites, user-for-sale sites – and more. For any company in the travel space, an ongoing and growing challenge is staying ahead of the competition without losing profitability.

With our history as pioneers in the airfare competitive data space, travel data is by far one of our sweet spots. From hotels to OTAs to travel agents to vacation package sellers, the overarching problem is the same: how to sell every room, seat or spot at the maximum rate for the minimal investment. And in order to do that, you have to be a fly on the wall of your competition’s strategy or war rooms. And since that’s not going to happen, QL2 gives you the next best thing.

Now you can monitor your competition’s activity – from rate to occupancy to booking origin to time of booking – you name it, we can extract the data. And even better, we’ll analyze the data and provide you insights and recommendations for future and ongoing data extraction and pricing strategies.

Car Rental

QL2 helps the top car rental companies monitor and action via a complete competitive landscape, ensuring your long-term strategic and on-the-fly pricing and promotion decisions are justifiable, profitable, and sustainable. 

  • Collect rates from airport and off-airport locations from hundreds of sites and points of sale. 
  • SIPP Normalizations trues up vehicle classifications to your specific conventions
  • Custom file formats with seamless integration into all revenue management APIs

Monthly Car Rental Rate Collections by Location

Our solution offers dynamic maps help you get ahead of customer need as it shifts to ensure your highest possible profit and ROI. Our analyses are based on:

  • 225 million car rental rates
  • 948 global pick-up locations
  • 35 separate car rental agencies
  • 3+ years of historical data

Our real-time data capture technology and solutions supply you with pricing information needed to analyze markets, recognize trends, and predict risk potential faster, and more accurately, than other methods. 

Always on Data Asset

  • 150M price records daily across 13 industry verticals
  • Over 450B historic pricing records over the past 5 years
  • Over 120B records and we are adding 30M+ daily
  • Collecting data for 3k+ airports and over 70k different market combinations
  • Over 500 carriers collected monthly across all sites
  • Collecting data up to 1 year in advance
  • History back to 2015

Ad-Hoc Search

  • QL2’s Client Center gives our clients complete control over what searches are conducted and when
  • Each search can be run on an ad-hoc basis or can be executed on a schedule of your choosing
  • In addition to over 100 carrier direct sites, QL2 has access to Top OTA and Meta sites


An automated insight generation platform including anomaly and outlier detection in addition to a reporting suite focused on the following:

  • Pricing parity analysis (Win-Meet-Loss) 
  • Price Changes 
  • New and dropped itineraries/routes 
  • Pricing alerts



As the cruise industry grows, so does the competition. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize return with our solutions.


In an increasingly competitive market, railway providers need to keep their finger on the pulse of buying trends to increase margin and market share. 

  • On-demand data collection with customizable inputs
  • Real-time actionable insights on competitive rates, buying trends, and product offerings from railway and other transport providers
  • Global data can be segmented by sales, demo, season, seat, class and so much more

With growing pressure on pricing and product in the ferry industry, staying on top of minute-by-minute industry trends is critical today. 


  • Real-time rates, capturing data from hundreds of online sources
  • Competitor product segment matches from multiple data sources
  • Daily, recurring and seasonal pricing and sales info

From hotels to OTAs to travel agents to vacation package sellers, the overarching problem is the same: how to sell every room, seat or spot at the maximum rate for the minimal investment. 

  • 50+ OTAs with 425M+ online rates
  • Monitor competitor activity from rate to occupancy to booking origin to time of booking 
  • Real-time data with analytics, insights and recommendations for pricing and promotion strategies with maximum yield.

Latest Statistics

50+ OTAs with 425M+ online rates

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