True competitive advantage with market-leading and market-changing data.

About QL2

QL2 delivers true competitive advantage through on-demand data extraction and analysis, producing a real-time, insightful picture of your market so you can make profitable decisions.

QL2 has spent the last 18 years pioneering the market for competitive data and analysis. We provide advanced real-time data capture technology and analytical tools that create business intelligence solutions for managing the complexity of optimizing and managing pricing, revenue and other competitive data points on a real-time basis. We proudly serve global customers across the travel, retail, automotive and finance and data aggregator sectors.

We also provide custom solutions, ensuring any decision maker a complete and comprehensive picture of their market, whenever they need. Our solutions harvest and analyze hundreds of billions of data points across thousands of data sources including fares and rates across the entire travel and hospitality market, sales and promotions across the retail and automotive verticals, rates and trends across the finance and energy industries, and any other data need regardless of market or vertical.


Our Approach

QL2 harvests, curates, analyzes and sells the best and most productive travel, retail, automotive, hospitality, financial and energy data.

Our Team

QL2 is comprised of tenured veterans who built, led, and advanced industry-leading technology companies such as, AOL, Millennial Media, Yahoo!, Experian, and more. From finance to IT to operations to sales, this team has been pioneering technology solutions for decades.

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