• Turning Unstructured Information into Actionable Market Intelligence - QL2 Technology & Solution Overview
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Real-time Search

Real-time data when you need it – the QL2 approach.

QL2 delivers real-time data from thousands of sources, giving you the most complete and up to date picture of your market possible.

QL2′s On Demand is a real-time search engine, executing a new query every time you perform a search. Unlike QL2, other competitive search companies present static or cached data that may be hours or even days old.

With QL2′s real-time search you will be able to always maintain and improve your competitive market position while having quickest response time to market possible. In addition, QL2 delivers the pricing data in a way that can integrate with your own pricing and distribution systems.

Real-time search from QL2 will enable your pricing, distribution and product functions with dramatic decrease in market response time so you can continue to focus on what is really important to you: maximizing your margins.

QL2 delivers real-time competitive advantage through real time search, making sense of millions of queries daily to deliver the most current and comprehensive picture of your market.