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We set out to build a technology all managers of data would be proud of.  We set out to build a technology that was just…better.

Meet WebQL: A patented query language that extends ANSI-standard SQL to extract unstructured and semi-structured data.

  • WebQL means having the data delivered how you want it, when you want it and using it to your advantage. No more using a mixed bag of various technologies, Excel macros, and manual processes that don’t connect with each other. WebQL is designed specifically to automate data integration from public and private websites and internal data repositories.
  • WebQL means not being caught short changed with your current solution when you discover it doesn’t support the format you need now.
  • WebQL means not having to wait weeks to bring a new data source online. WebQL is efficient and to the point. No need to bring in supporting third party technology.
  • WebQL means being able to design your data around your business, not your business around your data.
  • WebQL means leveraging your organization’s SQL experience into new realms of data possibilities.

We believe WebQL is the best technology on the market to support your data collection activities. In fact, we use it for our entire On Demand Platform. Industries rely on its predictable capabilities. We take advantage of its efficiencies.

Find out what WebQL can do for you. Contact us for a free demo.

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