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QL2 On Demand

What is QL2 On Demand?
QL2 On Demand services are hosted on our On Demand platform, which have been delivering market intelligence to clients since 2001. Since its inception, QL2 On Demand has accessed and analyzed hundreds of billion data points for our clients.

A typical month for the QL2 On Demand platform involves performing over 5 billion individual data points collected by clients and industry-specific agents, which access more than 5,000 unique data sources.

Why QL2 On Demand?

  • Multi-tenant: QL2 operates in a true multi-tenant hosted environment, allowing us to offer competitive pricing for our services.
  • Built for scale: The QL2 On Demand platform accesses and analyzes over 500 billion individual data points each month, supporting over hundreds of clients.
  • Mature: The QL2 On Demand platform operates with over 99.9% uptime. A commitment that we have maintained over its ten years of operation.
  • Scalable customization: Every client has unique needs, be it in specific outputs or in the required data sources we access. QL2 services are designed to enable a greater degree of customization to ensure your needs are met at all times.

QL2 On Demand is a patented search engine that provides real-time competitive pricing and product data for travel, retail, energy and other price sensitive industries.