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In the last decade, the hospitality industry has experienced the multiplication of properties and sales channels, making it an even more competitive market, where consumers have, unprecedented access to information. While a few channels were monitored and optimized before, today, a myriad of channels have appeared. The role of the channel and revenue managers has never been more important in managing these channels to ensure yields are protected and room occupancy stays high. In this environment these professionals need quality and real-time data.

QL2 provides a cost effective, value added way to support professionals in this industry through its real-time search engine and robust decision support reporting system. QL2 is the industry leader in providing real-time room rates and product offerings, capturing data from thousands of sources, created by and for industry experts and backed up by real-time support.  Many of the industry leaders are using QL2 today for defining, executing and sustaining their market strategies making QL2 a leader in this industry.

QL2’s unique product ensures that all properties are matched up regardless of the channel they are sourced from and provides comprehensive and valuable information to the decision making process, all while increasing productivity.  QL2 also delivers a robust reporting system that will assist in making the correct analysis and ensuring room rates are competitively priced and the time-to-market is drastically reduced. The reporting instrument provides more than 30 reports that will offer critical insight of the competitive environment, allowing for fast and decisive action.

QL2 provides service to hotel chains and properties around the world helping drive their competitiveness, decreasing their reaction times, and optimizing decision making processes. QL2 ensures easy implementation, no upfront costs, and the highest quality of rate and product information available.

“The hospitality industry is extremely competitive and volatile. Continuous monitoring of competitors’ offerings is a requirement to remaining effective, thus maintaining my desired market share.

QL2 not only allows me to stay current, but also exposes opportunities when my competitors are making a pricing change or running a promotion presenting me with an opportunity to respond quickly.

-Pricing Manager