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Over the last decade worldwide cruise passengers have tripled, leading to an industry that is currently going through an enormous growth phase. It is forecasted that over the next five years berth capacity will continue to grow at an accelerated growth rate. This growth has also seen the multiplication of segmentation, product offerings and new market entries, increasing competition and putting downward pressure on cruise pricing. In this environment product, planning, pricing and revenue management professionals have to navigate through complex product offerings and pricing mixes, as well as product matching with their competitors. These professionals require real-time product, pricing and availability data in order to ensure their products are competitively priced for their desired target group, as well as ensuring the product matches what is offered by competitors.

In this environment, real-time market information in a simple and structured layout guarantees an accurate market positioning and the protection of margins. QL2 provides a cost effective, value adding, way to support professionals through its real-time search engine and robust decision support reporting system. QL2 is the industry leader in providing real-time rates, capturing data from thousands of online sources.

QL2’s unique product ensures that all product segments and fares are matched up to comparable product offers from competing cruise companies regardless of the data source. QL2 provides comprehensive and valuable information to the decision making process while increasing productivity. Its robust reporting system will assist in making the correct analysis and ensuring fares are competitively priced in an effective time-to-market effective manner.

QL2 is providing service to the top companies in the cruise and ferry industry worldwide, ensuring their competitiveness, decreasing their reaction times, and optimizing the decision making process. QL2 ensures easy implementation, no upfront costs, and the highest quality of rate and product information available.

“In our cruise planning process, it is vital that we understand where our competitors are deploying their ships and with what types of itineraries. Regular shopping of cruises provides us with updated information on what cruises are being offered in the marketplace and what itineraries are included in these cruises.”

-Product Marketing Manager