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The aviation industry has been on the forefront of innovation since deregulation in the late seventies in the US and the nineties in Europe, driven by dropping margins. The rise of the Asian economies of continued globalization means the travelling public is experiencing never before seen choices of fares and product, making the daily activities of pricing, distribution, revenue management and network planning professionals increasingly complex. The need for real-time search and real-time analysis has never been higher than today.

The complexity of making fast and accurate decisions in such a price and schedule sensitive environment calls for real-time search and a structured layout. QL2 provides a cost effective, value adding way to support professionals through its real-time search engine and delivers it in a robust decision support reporting system. QL2 is an industry leader in providing real-time fares, capturing data from thousands of sources, created by more than 100 years of industry experience and reinforced with real-time support with more than 100 support resources and engineers ensuring data quality and real-time delivery.

QL2 offers a complete and flexible decision support reporting system, adding valuable information to the decision making process while increasing productivity. The reporting instrument provides more than 50 reports that will offer critical insight to the competitive environment, allowing for fast and decisive intervention.

QL2 is providing service to over 90 airlines worldwide, ensuring their competitiveness, decreasing their reaction times, and optimizing decision making processes. QL2 ensures easy implementation, no upfront costs, and the highest quality of fare, schedule and pricing information available.

“Internally, my team implements both simple and sophisticated pricing and revenue management strategies to optimize revenue on each of our flights. Based on these strategies I assume that my products will be offered in the marketplace in a way that will generate as much revenue as possible. The only way I can make sure these strategies are correctly represented in the marketplace is to shop my website along with the websites of other channels that sell my products.”

-Revenue Management