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A message from QL2’s New CEO

This has been an exciting week at QL2 Software. We publicly announced that I’ve joined QL2 as CEO, and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this dynamic team. For the majority of my career, I have been part of leadership teams laser-focused on creating innovative, differentiated and scalable businesses. I intend to bring that focus to QL2 over the coming months.

The first step was to create a global headquarters. As announced earlier this week, our 200+ employees will now have a centralized HQ in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore/Washington area is home to hundreds of cutting-edge software, data and analytics, cybersecurity, media, adtech, edtech, healthcare and, of course, govtech companies. The technology-based talent pool is extensive and as we’ll be hiring 60-80 jobs over the next few years, we will leverage this expertise to its fullest.

Step two. For 15 years, QL2 has been an undisputed force in travel and hospitality, retail, and energy data and analytics. I intend to help QL2 take a leadership position in every market we touch by ensuring we have the right products and solutions to further transform our customers’ businesses across the globe. In fact, our customers will see an immediate renewed focus on meeting their continuously changing needs by evolving the data, analytics and insights solutions they have come to expect from QL2.

Third, we have already started to evaluate potential new markets that align with QL2’s industry expertise. I’ll share much more on this over the coming weeks and months, but we are set on further penetrating each vertical we serve today and expanding into several others where we know we can make strong impact.

And finally, we will leverage the billions of data observations we collect every month in new and exciting ways to help our customers, and all those that influence or observe our customers’ industries, better understand the complexities and trends they work within every moment of every day.

We have a lot of work to do, but we are excited about the next stage of QL2’s evolution. And we aren’t alone. There has been some strong interest from the Baltimore business and technology community about QL2 relocating to Baltimore. Here is some of the initial coverage:


We will have much more to share over the coming weeks and months.

Carl Wartzack
CEO, QL2 Software

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